February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. My love and I will be going out to eat at a French restaurant tomorrow evening and then will be eating chocolate and relaxing together afterwards. Simple and sweet.

I'll post PART II of our epic love story tomorrow. In the meantime, I've found so many inspiring (and totally non-chessy) Valentine's ideas...for next year of course. These would also be great as anniversary ideas. Our three year anniversary (from our first date) is coming up next month.

I had a great day watching Oscar nominated short films and grabbing burgers and beer with some friends. Have a lovely week everyone.

Unique Valentine's present idea that doubles as artwork.
Homemade scratch cards! So cool! I might use this next year with my kiddos.
Free downloadable stickers to put on fruit. Very cute.
Plantable seed paper. Write a love note, plant it, and be reminded of your growing love as wildflowers bloom.
Hand carved love birds. A beautiful and non-cheesy gift.
I am totally crazy in love print. I'm totally getting this. Love the prints in this Etsy shop.
Jar O'Hearts (see above). What a great idea. I'd love to do something similar by our one year wedding anniversary.
Heart-shaped African Violets. So sweet!
Share your love with photos.
Nerd Valentine ideas.
AMAZING envelope book. If only I were this artsy.
Great anniversary idea. Ironically, a three year anniversary. Who doesn't love love notes?

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