July 2, 2011


I'm bored.
And it's hot in our apartment
Shouldn't I be doing something productive like laundry?
Yeah, I really should be doing laundry because I have to clean clothes,
Also, the pile of dirty laundry has morphed into a monster and taken over our bedroom and is gross.
No, I should totally do the laundry later because it's hot right now and doing laundry involves moving.
What I should be doing is treating myself to the pile of books I've saved for my fun summer reading.
Except that I've been sucked into a loop of looking at the same 3 websites over and over.
My hair is making me hot because it's long and sits on my neck.
I should get it cut but don't know what style I want.
I'll put off the haircut a little longer too.
Plus, I get compliments on my hair.
It's taken forever to grow out.
I'll just wear a ponytail.
That's better.
I'm hungry.

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