July 3, 2011


Yesterday I got an iPhone.


Well, that's technically not correct. My mother-in-law gave me her old iPhone 3 last week and I finally mustered up enough energy to get everything transferred over yesterday.

I know everyone and their (his/her?) mom (or mother-in-law...or husband) already has one or something similar. Well, now I have one. Yay!

I've already added wallpaper and two Apps. Woo! I've also discovered my inability to use the touch screen or remember any of my Apple passwords.

Oh boy, I'm sounding more and more like a lame, arthritic, elderly person resistant to all new technology. It's not that I'm resistant, it's just that technology is not really my "thing." I upgrade when I need to or when it makes my life easier. That's just how I roll.

Despite my technological upgrade, I felt kind of fail yesterday. Do you ever have one of those days?

First, I felt frustrated with my lack of iPhone skills. Fail.

Then, my husband and I brought the puppy over the in-laws' house and I spilled beer on this cool digital notebook thing that we were looking at. Fail.

Finally, our puppy decided that after ZERO accidents in over three weeks she would spill her dog urine all over the in-laws' freshly cleaned carpet.


I hope everyone else is having a non-fail weekend.

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