October 14, 2010

Jumping on the Blog Bandwagon

Hello to anyone who is reading! Welcome to my blog!

And what is this blog exactly? What is it about? And who am I? Well, to be honest, I'm still figuring all those things out myself.

It really is just another blog in the sea of millions out there. There are blogs about people's amazing experiences living abroad in some glamorous country. There are blogs about food, blogs about design, blogs about film, blogs about babies/puppies/some other hideously cute thing. Even blogs about how Google is freakishly psychic (or not? :  http://failblog.org/tag/autocomplete-me/).

There are funny blogs, serious blogs, and awkward blogs. There is a blog for almost anything you could possibly imagine. Of course there are also blogs for things you would never want to imagine...ever.

And now [.......drumroll.........] THIS BLOG!


Okay...so I can't quite hear the sound of trumpets heralding my entry into the blog world.

I don't live a particularly glamorous life. I don't have the most glamorous job. I don't claim to be the greatest writer in the world (or the greatest anything really).

I guess this blog is just another voice. The voice of an ordinary California girl longing to achieve, somewhat reluctantly, something great in this world. I hope that someone out there can identify with some of the thoughts, hopes, dreams, rants, and half-conscious ramblings that dribble out of my over-stressed brain.

That's all I can hope for really. I suppose I can also hope that blogging is a somewhat more entertaining way to procrastinate than giggling at Shake Weight commercials, but I digress.

Welcome again, and join me in my journey of jumping into this blog ocean and, hopefully, not drowning.
Typity, type, type. Who knows what will come out of those fingers?

~The Reluctant Overachiever

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