October 29, 2010

Woman of Few Words...Or Not

Dear Two Readers,

You may have noticed in my posts that I am not the most, shall we say, concise writer.

I'm not saying that's always a bad thing, but I do tend to ramble. I also am very rusty when it comes to writing so please excuse any lapses in grammar due to run-on sentences, misplaced commas, etc.

Anyway, I wanted to post something short and sweet (the way Joanna does on a blog I check frequently: A Cup of Jo).

Here are some pretty pictures of Halloween pumpkins I wish were sitting on my porch. Have a safe and spooky weekend everyone!

Gorgeous. I bet these are harder to create than they look.

I love owls. So cute!

Again, looks deceptively easy.

Who makes this stuff?

More owls. Love.

When I have a puppy and kids someday, we will attempt to make a pumpkin family like this.

If only I had the time. The glow of pumpkins. Sigh.

All images from marthastewart.com

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