January 30, 2011

Catholic Schools Week and Other Randomness

Hello Two Readers,

Yet another busy weekend. I spent about 3 hours in my classroom yesterday and 6 hours today getting ready for open house and showing off my classroom for open house. I estimate my work week last week was well over 60 hours!

The open house went wonderfully though and my classroom looks great. Catholic Schools Week has begun and we have a lot going on this week at our school including a spirit rally, variety show, liturgy, and Grandparents' Day celebration.

I found a great post on ideas for lessons to teach during the week for every subject area at The Religion Teacher. I've already done some lessons with my students relating to why they are proud to go to a Catholic School and writing about what they love about their school. We also displayed our Picasso Faces at the Art Fair today which was open during the Open House.

It was not all work and no play last week though. My sweetie and I felt like we desperately needed a date night on Friday and went out for some sushi and sake (mmmmm...). We also finally got my watch (a wedding present from my hubby) engraved with our wedding date and sized to fit my freakishly bony wrist.

See? Crazy, pointy boniness. Try to focus on the beautiful ring instead :)
We also indulged in watching terrible SyFy channel original movies including the awful Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid starring Deborah Gibson and Tiffany (does anyone even remember who they are anymore? I don't). Please don't watch the movie. Ever.

Anyway, I apologize for the complete ADD randomness of this post. My poor brain is clearly overworked at the moment to form coherent thoughts.

Have a great week everyone!!! Don't work too hard ;)

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