January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

My sister and her fiance are in town and my husband and I are showing them around San Diego today.

We had a lot of fun playing Bezzerwizzer and Apples to Apples, watching Iron Chef (randomly), and drinking excellent beer as we counted down to 2011 last night. It was a perfect mix of low key fun and partying.

One of my new year's resolutions is to post regularly. This week has been crazy with the car shopping, sickness, and lots of relatives visiting. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

In more exciting news, I bought a CAR yesterday!

After all the searches, test drives, calls, haggling, and stress it all ended up okay. It ended up being easiest just to get a brand new 2011 Jetta. I love it so much!!! It's a great car and was very affordable for us. Also, we got great financing on it.

Here is a picture of what the car looks like:

It's a beautiful blue color and drives great. I have to say that it was a little emotional to let go of my old Saturn which my husband used to call "The Pig" due to its grunty and slow acceleration. 0 to 60 in a blistering 20 seconds! The car served me well though and I was sad to sell it off. There comes a time to move on though and I figured, "What better way to start off the new year than with a new car?" So far, this year is off to a great start!

Well, I'm off for some fun with my sister today. I hope everyone had a great start to your new year :)

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