January 8, 2011

How to Properly Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Now that the Christmas season is officially over (at least in the Catholic Liturgical Calendar), I've finally packed away the rest of our Christmas decorations both in the classroom and at home.

I also took part in my in-law's amazing tradition of burning their Christmas tree. This is something they've been doing in their outdoor fireplace for about 7 years now. Over the years it has become quite a celebration. This year it expanded to two nights and five trees total (including our first tree which was suitably dead and dried out for the occasion). It is both frightening and exhilarating to see how quickly the trees go up in flames (and partly explains why my husband's such a pyro). Ultimately, it's all about seeing how high the volcano-like flames can go.

Does anyone else have an unusual after-Christmas traditions? Any other tree burners out there? If you don't have an outdoor fireplace, you could easily cut off a few branches to use as kindling in your fireplace and satisfy any pyros in your own family.

Have an extreme weekend everyone :)

We held the cut up branches in the fireplace with rakes and other garden tools.

With so many trees, the flames grew quite large.

Almost too large!

Push those flames back!


The volcano.

Ooooo, fire!

A casualty. 

Happy holidays!

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