April 22, 2011

Never Leave Home Without It...

Ahhhh...How good it feels to be able to sleep in on a weekday. I have to say though I'm a little sad my hubby can't join me in my utter relaxation today. It was hard to see him leave for work today knowing I wouldn't see him for several hours (sappy, I know!).

Usually I'm the one who leaves first, at the crack of dawn, and he groggily sees me off before falling back asleep.

One thing that both of us must do before leaving for the day is give each other at least several good smooches and a couple "I love you's". No matter how early one of us leaves or how rushed, grumpy, or exhausted we may be, we do not leave the house before kissing each other.

We're a fairly smoochy couple (although I never thought I would be that way before being in this relationship) and it's hard to leave without a few dozen good kisses. Some mornings it is excruciating to tear myself away.

Yes, shake your head at the ridiculous newlyweds if you must. Go throw up now if you must.

But we plan on continuing to see each other off each day with a kiss.

We wouldn't want it any other way :)

At our engagement shoot.

Love :)

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