April 30, 2011

Wedding Moments

Ah, relaxation. I've loved having the past week off. I feel so rested and relaxed. It will be hard to adjust to work schedule again on Monday but I am exited to see my little ones and hear all of their Easter break stories :)

So...did everyone watch the ROYAL WEDDING?!? OMG!!!

I didn't.

To be honest, I got kind of disgusted with the ridiculous amount of media coverage and the hyperbole of the whole thing. Yeah, it's kind of romantic but I think we may be over-stressing the importance of this marriage just a teensy little bit.

After all, every marriage should be a representation of true love. We just had an extremely public example of it.

I couldn't help but look at the pictures online though. Kate looked radiant and I loved her dress. I was so impressed with how calm she looked throughout the whole thing!

From Elle via A Cup of Jo. Check out the little girl covering her ears. Heehee :)

The whole royal wedding thing reminded me of my own wedding. I thought I'd share some our wedding moments in pictures. Hey, it's not a royal wedding, but it is a representation of true love. And really, what is more important than that?

My wedding band was connected to my engagement ring. Here it is, nestled in my bouquet.

I got ready at my parents' house and I love that the backdrop to this picture is a place where I grew up. I loved playing princess for a day and giving my dress a good twirl :)

I was soooooo nervous at this moment. There was no waiting room in the church so I had to wait in the "cage" with my bridesmaids standing guard so no one would sneak a peak.

Waiting to walk down the aisle with my dad. I really thought I would be bawling at this point but the nerves kept it away. I couldn't wait to see my husband!!!

Our church was beautiful! I was actually baptized here. 

Our priest was a family friend of my husband's. He is from Haiti and he is amazing! It was a very special mass.

Our vows. I was actually most nervous about this part. We both got through them perfectly though. I was just glad I wasn't crying the whole time!

Our first kiss as a married couple :) We went in for a second kiss afterwards. We were grinning like idiots the whole mass.  I remember calming way down once I saw E and we got through the ceremony together. 

Love this shot. At this point I was just so thrilled and was kind of in disbelief. It wasn't quite sinking in yet that E was my husband. The whole mass seems like a dream now. I mostly remember the emotions and nerves of the day.

I love this shot too. Our nerves were gone because we had done it. We were married. We couldn't help but sneak another kiss on our way out.

My husband on my right and my grandpa on my left. Oh, and look, you can see my manicure too :) (Confession: I had never gotten a manicure before the wedding!)

Right after the ceremony, our photographer whisked us around Pasadena for some pictures of just us. This was a blast. Here we are across from Pasadena City Hall. We didn't mind having to kiss for any of the pictures. Not at all ;)

My colors were navy and magenta. Thinking back now, it seems so silly to even have worried about that. Our reception hall looked great though and I'm glad they got some shots of the decorations.

Our cake topper. It kind of looks like us, right?

Another gorgeous shot. We just saw this building and loved the European look of it. Our photographer just went for it and we got some beautifully romantic shots like this one.

Our first dance. We didn't practice at all and didn't care! My husband managed to twirl me just fine. Dancing with him was one of my favorite moments of the night. There's just something so intimate and romantic about slow dancing with the one you love.

We played this hilarious game. It's basically a version of the Newlywed Game. The DJ would ask questions like, "Who's family is crazier?" and we would either hold up our own shoe or our partner's shoe to answer. Our guests loved it and got some great laughs!!!

Cutting the cake. Surprisingly challenging.

Not the neatest cut :) Oh, well. The cake was delicious!

Towards the end of the night (evidenced by my hair starting to fall out). It's interesting how I have no memory of the photographer taking this. I just remember looking into the eyes of my new husband. Sigh.

Photography by Epic Imagery.

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