November 3, 2010

Blogging Resolutions

Dear Two Readers,

I have to admit, I started this blog partly out of boredom (i.e. procrastination), partly out of curiosity, and partly out the the sense that I thought it would be really easy to write a blog.

Now that I've written a few posts, I have to apologize. You guys deserve better (whoever you are). It's not quite as easy as I imagined it would be.

I also realize I actually kind of care about making a good blog that people besides my husband will read.

I keep checking the stats excitedly (up to 25 views! woo!). I keep jotting down ideas for posts and collecting pictures.

I realize now that I don't want to just half-ass some stream of consciousness bull crap because I feel like it. I  want to write something that can resonate with people and perhaps even provide ideas and inspiration.

I've started thinking about blogs I like to read and have started reading up on how to create a successful blog.

I decided to start with three resolutions to improve my blog:

1.) Consider what my audience would want to read- I would assume based on what I've posted so far that other newlyweds or teachers might check this blog, although I'd welcome anyone to share in my experiences of course. Now what would you guys want to read about? Wait a minute...what kind of stuff do I want to read about? I'm a newlywed and a blog is reflecting my experiences. I definitely like to read useful posts, like how-to's and lists of stuff so I have some more useful posts in the works. I'm working on sharing my wedding planning experience, honeymoon experience, and insight on being a newlywed (I've been married a little over three months now!). I'm also working on some teaching posts and plan on sharing some insight on being a teacher.

2.) Write every day- Notice I didn't say post every day (although I will try my best)! I'm trying to get in the habit of writing down at least something each day so I don't get behind on my posting. I will try my best to post at least one thing each weekday. I'm also trying to figure out some weekly and/or monthly posts that I could do (for example Music Mondays or Weekend Roundups or something like that). Check back on that one...

3.) Pick a focus- I have a focus! Right? Well, right now my blog's kind of a mishmash of ideas. I think this one will be hardest for me. Right now I'm really just enjoying sharing things I like, things I do, and any experiences I've had that may be useful or at least entertaining to some other people out there. I'll try to focus more on my newlywed experiences and teaching experiences because I haven't really found a good blog out there about balancing those two things specifically (if you have one, please don't take that personally, I just haven't found you). Yay! I've filled a niche! Maybe...

Anyway, if you're still with me two readers, please say hello :) Leave some comments below. Introduce yourself and how you found me. I'd really appreciate any feedback, advice, or even just to know who's reading this thing. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Stay tuned for more exciting posts from...

The Reluctant Overachiever

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