November 16, 2010

Parent Conferences- Part 2

I'm done! All the conferences went great. I'll post some tips for conferences tomorrow (ah, procrastination).

Right now I'm going to eat these

The secret ingredient is crack.

and cook my hubby some dinner.

Student quote of the day:

We're writing a story about a spider who has an adventure in a restaurant. I asked the students what the restaurant should be called. We decided it was a fancy restaurant so here was the suggestion from one of my students:

Student:"Che Grande."

Grande is pronounced like a grande burrito.

Me: "What does that mean? Is that French?"

Student: "Well, you know how they say 'che' a lot in French...I don't know what it means..."

Me: "I love it! Let's use it!" thinking, "It sounds like an upscale Mexican restaurant..."

How cute it that :)

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