November 8, 2010

Monday + Report Cards + Lesson Plans Due + Darkness = Crappy

Blah! I have a headache right now. It's probably from dehydration. Or lack or sleep. Or stress. Probably all of them.

Yes, it's that time again. No, ladies, not that time of the month. Teachers? You know what I'm talking about right? REPORT CARD TIME! YAY!

So, I'm actually more caught up with my grading than I've ever been. I just always feel, every quarter, I could have done more. Done better. Been more prepared to fill the report cards out. But now, it is time. They must be done.

As I was sitting in my classroom this evening, getting some last minute grading in, I looked up and realized that it was pitch black outside. Oooooh, right, the time change. Of course I stayed up even later than my bed time last night and then decided to watch The Walking Dead with my hubby, so by the time I got into bed it was actually two hours past my bed time with the time change.

Sooooo, it's dark, I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm still not finished with my grading, and I realized all my body wants to do is crawl into bed and not get up until the report cards just go away.

I decided to skip my yoga class today, feeling tremendously guilty because I just wasted money I already paid, and just go home, dragging my work behind me.

Sometimes, I just need a hot shower, a good meal, and a snuggle with my sweetie to recharge. Then, it's back to work tonight.

I just have to keep the perspective that I'm almost done. I just wish I was done (damn you uber organized teachers!!!). Hopefully sleep can cure me of this terrible mood I've been in as well!

This is what I feel like right now.

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