December 9, 2010

Advent Ideas- Part 1

Make Advent Calendars with Wreaths

When we came back from Thanksgiving break, we make Advent Calendars. I found the calendar and the candle templates online (although they would be really easy to make yourself). I had the students write something each day that they could do to prepare for Jesus. I told them they could do the same things on different days if they wanted (although kids who ran out of ideas tended to write "pray" in the remaining squares). We cut out the candles and flames on construction paper using the templates. For the green wreath part the kids traced their hands and glued them on. We are coloring in the squares each day with purple to count down the days. Super easy and cute.

Prepare Jesus' Manger

I'm not a big bulletin board person. By that I mean that I usually don't give a crap. In fact, I was so swamped my first two years of teaching trying to keep my head above water I barely changed them out at all. Now that I've relaxed a little bit and gotten the hang of this whole teaching thing, I've had a little bit more time to spend making things look pretty. I inherited this Nativity bulletin board set from another teacher. I stapled paper craft hay stuff for the manger. Below that I stapled a paper bag to the board (which is hard to see in the picture). I had each student write something they would do to prepare for Jesus this Advent on a yellow strip of paper. They placed these paper strips in the paper bag. It looks really cute and I realized I didn't get a good picture of it so I'll remedy that tomorrow. Sparkly lights and silver pipe cleaners complete the picture.

I'll post more Advent (and Christmas) ideas over the next few days. I've been doing Christmas Traditions  Around the World with my class and having a lot of fun with it. Stay tuned!

Anyone else doing something special for Advent with their families/classes?

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