December 8, 2010


Man, it is hard to update this thing every day. By the time I get home from teaching, eat dinner, shower, do the work I took home with me, and then finally sit down to relax, it's bed time (and getting up so early every day, I conk out at about 9:30-10:00).

I got home last night and just really needed some quality time with my sweetie. Understandably I didn't post.

Tonight, I have a crap-load of grading to catch up on for the upcoming progress reports. It is also my wonderful mother-in-law's birthday and we'll be heading over there soon to celebrate.

I will definitely have time tomorrow to post classroom pictures and ideas (and I have quite a lot to post).

Until then, here are a couple of anecdotes to tide you over:

I was talking to one of the substitute teachers at our school today and he mentioned that he grew up in Berlin in the 1940's. As I talked to him more he revealed that his uncle was none other that Claus Von Stauffenberg...yeah, the guy Tom Cruise played in Valkyrie. Just as I was about to ask him more about this the bell rang and I had to go pick up my kiddos. I must investigate further tomorrow...

I also watched my coworkers (with my help) devour an entire gift basket's worth of food today. We opened one of those huge holiday gift basket things in the morning (courtesy of parents) and laid out all the cookies, chocolates, crackers, olives, etc. over the table for everyone to snack on. There were quite a few snacks. I jokingly said, "This will all be gone by the end of the day. Hahahaha." 

It was.

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