December 13, 2010

Traditions of Christmas Around the World

Christmas is almost here....

The students have added "straw" to Jesus' manger. They wrote good deeds that they've seen others do or that they've done themselves on strips of yellow paper.

We've also been "traveling" around the world. I found a passport template online and printed it onto card stock making little passports for all my students.

If I had planned a little bit more ahead of time, I could have found country stamps or stickers. I've just been using regular stickers to stamp the passports. So far we've visited Germany and Mexico.

I've hung some of the ornaments we've made around our classroom. We made the dove, tree, candle, and angel in our first discussion or symbols of Christmas. Then we started making ornaments for each country we visited.

After our visit to Mexico, we made paper poinsettias. I just took four 3x3 squares of red tissue paper, layered them, then pushed a green pipe cleaner (I cut them in half) through the middle of the tissue paper which the students could do quite easily. We then threaded three yellow beads on top and curled the pipe cleaner. We added a green tissue paper leaf (yes, I know the red "petals" are actually leaves too).

 After we visited Germany, we made pickle ornaments. I found the template here along with the Legend of the Pickle papers. I brought in an ornament I bought in Germany and brought pfeffernusse cookies to enjoy.

Up next are the Philippines, Sweden, and Italy. We might have time to do more this week. We'll see how crazy it gets!

UPDATE: Apparently, the Christmas Pickle is not actually an authentic German tradition. You'd think I'd know that having been to Germany! Next year, I'll do a Christmas tree craft since I know the Christmas tree did originate there. Live and learn :)

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