December 6, 2010


Dear Two Readers,

Wow, has it really been so long since I've posted? I sincerely apologize. I had one of those 'f*** it' moments the other week and got really discouraged with this blogging thing. I am both inspired by and envious of all the amazing blogs out there and I sometimes feel incredibly inadequate. Then that feeling of inadequacy spirals out of control into a giant snowball that engulfs every other aspect of my life including (but not limited to):

Not being able to keep my house clean
Falling behind on grading
Students acting up in class
Running late for work
Failing to conquer the PILE OF LAUNDRY
Not calling my mom back
Fighting with my husband
Eating so much lately and not working out
Etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, I'm in a slightly more positive mood lately because

I had a great meeting with my principal last week.
I got to see my family for Thanksgiving.
My husband and I actually got out of the house for some dates and social activities over the past couple weeks.
People are actually looking at my blog and actually leaving comments now ( person). Yay!

We brought home our very first Christmas tree (as a married couple) and decorated our house for Christmas.

If that doesn't put you in a good mood I don't know what will :)

So, I'll leave you today with some pictures from around our house (and city). Tomorrow, I'll post some classroom pictures and Advent ideas (sorry the Thanksgiving ideas never made it onto the blog).

Enjoy :)

Apple pie.

Thanksgiving turkey.

December Nights at Balboa Park, San Diego.

Food selection at the international cottages- We ate Scottish food.

Baked potato with beef and melted cheese and hot spiced apple cider. Mmmm...

Ukrainian beer in the International Spirits area.

We got spiked hot chocolate at the Austrian booth.

Taking the tree home.

Decking the halls. (We bought that little Santa at the Swedish craft booth at December Nights)

In the process of decorating (excuse the down comforter flung over the chair).

Our Nightwatchman ornament we bought in Rothenberg, Germany. He's our tree topper this year.

Our blindingly bright Christmas tree.

Flowers and candles on our table.

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